Zomgirl Finds A Shiny Ancient Artifact! | Zombie Dumb Season 2! | 좀비덤 | 키즈 만화

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A huge mass of ice is found behind the waterway empty wall. Zomgirl is greedy for Primitive Man's ax trapped in an ice chunk, because a large diamond is embedded in the ax. Zomjack tries to break the ice for Zomgirl and take out the diamond, but eventually fails. But that night, it rains, and the lumps of ice melt so Primitive Man comes out of the ice. Primitive Man looking for food to roam Moon He failed to hunt at Moon St., but he succeeded in hunting Zomjack and capturing Zomjack, who became a prey to Primitive Man! Will Zomjack survive?

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The world is swarming with zombies. The town is demolished and is now an empty place that the residents have deserted. At night, a group of zombie kids who each have different personalities, abilities, and values but act as one group of dumb friends wander around Moon Street. However, their lack of intelligence is always causing trouble. They get even dumber when the last human kid appears before them and brings even more problems. Tonight, the foolish but happy kids do slapstick situational comedy on Moon Street.
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