Wand Shop ASMR (Buying Your First Wand) - Relaxing Paper Sounds and Soft-Spoken Explanations

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You can buy the featured wants, including the special Jim Chi Wand, from Invictus Arcana!

Time to buy your first wand! I have three to show you - which will you choose? This video contains a little magic, lots of relaxing soft spoken explanation, paper sounds, and, of course, wands. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: This video is intended for relaxation. Any views, opinions, or advice expressed is purely for the purpose of entertainment, and to induce tingles through ASMR. These videos are not a substitute for traditional medicine, therapy, or any other professional medium, and should not be treated as such! Take all the advice with a pinch of salt, and certainly don’t take it to heart. That being said, please enjoy them, benefit from them, and hopefully get those warm, tingly feelings. Oh, and it’s not for kids.
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