Turn an OLD Mac into a NEW Server!

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What's better than recycling or selling your old Apple Mac for scraps? Turn it into a home server with macOS Server, Plex, and more!

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Computers get old. Including Apple computers. But rather than throw away your iMac, Mac Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or MacBook adding to the world's growing e-waste, you can repurpose it as a home NAS server (and more!) by recycling and using macOS Server. From update and iCloud Drive file caching, to network Time Machine backups (a la Time Capsule), to network file sharing over SMB, AFP, and iOS' , there's a lot of opportunity! Not to mention you could install Plex Media Server or a network music app like Roon on top of that! The world is your oyster with an old networked Mac and this video will help you get started.
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