The Story of Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination - Blizzcon 2021 [Lore]

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Patch : Chains of Domination has been announced at blizzcon 2021. We left Sylvanas pointing Shalamourne at Anduin and a choice to make. Push forward and force him to serve like Arthas had done to her or choose a different path. That story, more details on the jailer, the first ones and the workings of the Shadowlands will be the focus point for Chains of Domination. A side dish of broker lore added to it and you've got yourself a new patch!

In this video we'll discuss what's been announced at Blizzcon, some background info on what's been going on and talk about what the future might bring!

Want more details? Check out this WoWhead article:

The Starting Zone interview:

Tazavesh, the Veiled Market 0:00 - 2:12
What do we know of the jailer so far 2:13 - 8:37
Chains of Domination 8:38 - 15:54
Covenants unite! 15:55 - 16:44
City of Secrets: Korthia, dreadlords ahoy! 16:45 - 20:22
New raid: Sanctum of Domination 20:23 - 22:30
Hopes and dreams 22:31 - 24:59

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