The cheat code of this meta (YepBoat Podcast) | Hearthstone Battlegrounds

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Not much interesting has happened in the last weeks for us Battlegrounds folks. But I've been able to play a lot of games, to the point where I can confidently say I've mastered how to play this meta. From 13,6k all the way to 14,4k in just a couple day, here's how you can climb easily! I'm also talking a bit about the future of my youtube channel and livestreams.

00:00 Intro
00:56 Thanks!!
02:35 Slower/Faster meta
04:43 Tempo
08:15 Meta builds
08:59 Buffs/Nerfs
14:40 Get free MMR
15:14 The BIG mistakes
16:47 More tips
20:38 EU & NA
21:17 Announcements!!
23:16 Closing thoughts

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