Super Android 17 - What The HELL Happened?!

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Let's dive into how the Dragon Ball GT writing DESTROYED Super Android 17. Super Android 17 had the potential to be one of the GREATEST VILLAINS in Dragon Ball History. But how did the Super Android 17 Arc in Dragon Ball GT along with Super 17 become a DISGRACE to the whole concept? The whole Hell invading Earth in the Super 17 Saga along with Dr Myuu and Dr Gero was an AWESOME build up.

In this video we take a look at the DESIGN of Super Android 17, Hell Fighter 17, Super Android 17 vs Vegeta, SSJ4 Goku vs Super Android 17, Super Android 17 Absorption and even when Goku kills Super 17 with the Dragon Fist. Oh, I Android 17 kills Krillin and Android 18 gets a CHANCE to be great in the writing. Unfortunately, the writing of Dragon Ball GT did not allow Android 18 to be used in a way that would make her a legend. Super Android 18 vs Super Android 17 could have been an INCREDIBLE way for the Saga to progress.

I also talk a lot about the SSJ4 Goku vs Super 17 Fight and DEBUNK Super 17 absorbing Goku's 10 times Kamehameha. But the Super Android 17 death was the biggest insult.

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