Sunday tropical update: Paulette, Rene could form this week

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There are no tropical threats to our area at the moment, but there are a few active areas in the Atlantic including two tropical waves near Africa and two areas closer to the United States.

The closest area to home we're watching is a tropical wave in the Caribbean. It is a disorganized area of storms with no closed low pressure circulation. It will drift west and could try to organize some, but chances for development remain low.

Another area of showers and storms is southeast of Bermuda and moving northwest. It has a low chance of development over the next five days, but will need to be monitored as it drifts toward the East Coast.

Invest 92 is a broad low pressure system in the Atlantic west of the Cabo Verde Islands. It will likely become a depression or storm over the next few days as it moves west. It is still thousands of miles to the east of the United States and model trends have been out-to-sea with this system. However, we'll follow it.

Another strong tropical wave coming off the coast of Africa will likely develop into a tropical system as well over the next two to five days. It would also likely take the out-to-sea option, but of course we'll track it closely.

The reason for these storms to stay out to sea is our pattern over the next week or so. A weakness in a ridge of high pressure over the Atlantic can steer storms north before they reach the western part of the ocean. Also, when cold fronts pass over the Gulf Coast and set up to our south, they can protect us from tropical threats.

So these are two positive things to see. This is not to say that we're finished with tropical threats, but these are good trends to see as we approach the peak of the season on Thursday, September 10.

The next three names on the list for tropical storms are Paulette, Rene and Sally

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