Stimulus Check, Second Stimulus Check Update and Stimulus Update Saturday June 20th

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Hello, this is Andrew Cartwright and This is your Daily Stimulus Check, Your Second Stimulus check update, and Daily Stimulus Package Update for Jun 20 2020.

Happy Fathers Day weekend hope all of you have something special to honor your father today. I just saw my Dad post a great Picture yesterday and hope My Son has the best Father’s day ever with all my grandkids. They’re all in California by the Wine Country.

Lets Clarify some of the details of the Second stimulus check compared to the first which was covered in the Cares Act and PPP Loans the $ Trillion dollar Stimulus.
In the first Stimulus Check in the Cares Act 17 and 18 were left empty-handed. Children in College got $500 each instead of $1200.

People Married to immigrants were flat out denied. Examples.

Current Version 17 and 18-year-olds and College Dependants $1200 and the Married Couple to get the check.

Next Stimulus Package: Separate from the Infrastructure package which I will cover after the package. I talk yesterday about the infrastructure package and now there is more discussion.

Stimulus Package:
Democrats have shown their cards, willing to pass, and did a $3 Trillion Democrats did more than just Talk from Poolside from Home passed it over a month ago in the HOUSE. Heroes Act.

Mitch Mcconnel of the Senate Said that would be Dead on Arrival. It seems to be ignored for the moment.

Mitch Mcconnel wants a hard cap at $1 Trillion.

Trump administration is pushing for a $2 Trillion dollar plan and Vice President Pence clarified a $400 Billion Infrastructure bill work its way through.

$3 Trillion Democrats Heroes Acto $2 Trillion in the White House and $1 Trillion from the Senate. All are pushing for something to happen. If they can get it together.

Regarding Infrastructure, President Trump wants to spend $1 Trillion. Democrats want to spend $ Trillion.

Nancy Pelosi is Positioning here language to say this is a Bipartisan agenda do to the 1 million-plus jobs it would create across the country. Democrats and Republicans are pushing for this and get this to vote on it in the next 2 weeks.

20 million people are still unemployed. Although 43 states unemployment has dropped. Nevada and Hawaii are in the Hole.

Fed Reserve issued a report that after July 31 2020 cut off of unemployment that many Americans will not be able to make ends meet.
Many of you will not have jobs to go back to until we reach some sense of normal.

Many Business and Political leaders have expressed that Unemployment benefits were too generous. This is why some Republican Senators have expressed to cut the $600 benefit back to $400 hope it would encourage people to go back to work.

The Flat was said to be to generous Boost Federal approach was easy to administer. Even at that, it has been a disaster to get out.

A custom approach was suggested since the Unemployment has a custom approach it would have taken to long. In some ways, I would say it would be maybe unfair to. How do you customize it for someone making $20,000 a month and someone making $2000. That custom approach would take 6 to 9 months and still wouldn’t be fair.

I think that was a smart move.

Unemployment is expiring 41 days.

Switch to Virsus. Florida and Arizona are spiking. Daily cases are going up. The world is accelerating. Trade, Travel and Import and Export.

PPP: Munchkin. SBA: $150K and up companies will be listed.

Also 2 weeks before the Unemployment runs out Taxes are due. July 15 2020. This represents over $1 Trillion that would need to be paid to the IRS.


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