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Spec-ops, Israel and Cameron are back on Experts React, and this time they’ll be reviewing the latest gameplay from “Squad”. From the tactics, to gear, to communication they’ll tell us what is realistic and what is made up.

“Squad” is an FPS set in the current modern-day environment, and a squad-based warfare game. A single match consists of two belligerent factions, each divided among smaller squads that could have a maximum of nine players.

Each squad is made up of individual classes elected by the individual players. Available classes include medic, combat engineer, anti-tank specialists and various types of riflemen.
A squad of players are led by one squad leader who can communicate with other allied squad leaders and construct fire bases and defensive emplacements like crew-served weapons and sandbags.

Since the game is set to be really realistic, you’ll not often even see the person who’s shooting at you, unlike games like say CoD where you often run and meet your enemies at the corner of the street.
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0:00 – Intro
1:03 – First impressions and communication
1:52 – Smoke grenades and other equipment/tactics
3:37 – Taking a base that’s under friendly mortar fire
4:51 – The importance of clearing corners and bad tactics
5:41 – Getting ambushed and firing Machine Guns
6:30 – Irregular Militia Forces VS Russian Ground Forces
7:35 – Trying to revive a friendly and the “Fatal Funnel”
9:28 – Overrunning a base
10:06 - Conclusion
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