She-Ra Crack?? (read description)

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So a few months ago I tried posting a pretty long video (about an hour) called “She-Ra but only when it’s gay” but the YouTube copyright system just kept coming for me and taking down my video. I’ve tried many times to get this video back up but concluded it’s just too much work ^^’

I decided that I just wanted to compile the clips I found the funniest into a shorter video, so I guess this is just a crack video now?

One last note: fuck you YouTube copyright }:/


aLsO heyyy it’s summer! Hoping to post more ^^

AND finally (of course) I do not own the clips used in this video, they belong to Dreamworks


[Hey another thing]

I tend to draw from time-to-time and also happen to draw some She-Ra occasionally

If you want to check me out:
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