Second Stimulus Check Update Friday JAN 1 | $2000 Stimulus Checks Senate Update + $$$ Giveaway

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This is your second stimulus check, second stimulus package, passed $2000 or $600 stimulus check, $900 billion stimulus, hazard pay, and $300 unemployment update for Friday, January 1st. SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the latest stimulus updates. We cover the second stimulus check and the stimulus updates. We will talk about a new $450 billion stimulus proposal by Nancy Pelosi, Senate live updates, President Trump Twitter back and forth on $2000 stimulus check proposal, Mitch McConnell, Steven Mnuchin’s opinion, hazard pay demands, stimulus impact on stock market impact, a new timeline for stimulus check now and in January.
Breaking stimulus news, We want to get to you guys today several updates including the status of a $2000 stimulus checks proposal, President Trump updates on $2000 stimulus checks. Mitch Mcconnell reasons for standing against the $2000 stimulus proposal. Nancy Pelosi updates on the second stimulus package, and bigger $2000 stimulus checks for american citizens. Senator Bernie Sanders asking Mitch Mcconnell to allow a vote on a $2000 stimulus check proposal. Senator Chris Coon and Chris Murphy on likelihood of the senate approving higher stimulus checks. Update when the $300-per-week unemployment benefit will begin, and several hazard pay updates for frontline and essential workers.
Other Proposals in consideration.
$1200 stimulus check, or HEROES Act
$2000 per month stimulus check by Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Ed Markey
Check recent update on Stimulus Check:
Stimulus Update, December 13th:
$2000 Per Month Stimulus Update:
HEROES Act June 1 Update:

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