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In this elevated train games you have to construct subway train with ultimate crafting and building. All processes of construction are dividing into multiple train tracks construction levels. Enjoy the Elevated Train Track Builder : Subway Craft 2020 with the blend of heavy machinery driving. Practice your construction skills with the subway zone. Drive, ride or park the heavy 3d trucks, giant dumpers and the realistic train constructor in this construction world. You have to pick the steel rods by using a mobile crane and load them into a loader in this to build a city. Then you are supposed to drive loader to construction area in this mega city construction .Once you are in the construction, the building is all yours to control. Enjoy the best train track game of 2020 in which almost all the heavy construction vehicles used for elevated train tracks building are there to help you build a proper railway track system for rail builder games. Try Building & crafting game! Design, craft and city builder in one game! Track building train game for free! Construction lite of train tracks! Build & craft also explore. Create your own railway system! Building & crafting game for teenage boys and girls!
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