????Red Dead Online - How bad can we suck at the game Tonight - GRIND AWAY

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10 New Levels have been added to the Bounty Hunter Role and a 100 Tier Outlaw Pass is out.
We have new Legendary Bountys and Free Roam Bountys - New wagon customization and horse mustaches.

We will be unlocking it all and checking out all the great stuff added today.

Come let me know your thoughts on the recent announced daily challenges change. Is it a bad thing? Is it such a huge change? Lets look at the numbers!!!

My name is Chris, aka AustinBMX, I love Red Dead Online and have been playing since day one of BETA and never stopped. I create content including Tips and Tricks - News and Updates - and Shenanigans for videos and Live Streams. We also have a large community on PS4 and on Discord of like minded players just looking to hang out and have fun. I am glad you are here and hope you will stay.

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