Patch 1.1 Infinite Matsutake Farming 4.0 Guide (LAWN MOWER EDITION!) | Genshin Impact

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Hi friends, in this video I'm going to share the most efficient way of farming matsutake in Genshin Impact Patch (I discovered a better way after posting version )

There is no point to keep this for next patch because I already posted the bug previously so if that bug gets fixed, this should get fixed too!

Make Enemies Wet Guide:

If you don't have Xingqiu, you can farm matsutake using version of infinite matsutake farming!

Version :



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???? Timestamps ????

00:00 | Intro
00:12 | Collection Time!
01:02 | Identifying and overcoming problems
01:12 | What do you need?
01:19 | Best location for Matsutake Farming
01:33 | Setting Graphics to Lowest (optional)
01:56 | How to perform this trick? (Step 1)
02:05 | How to perform this trick? (Step 2)
02:27 | How to perform this trick? (Step 3)
02:51 | How to perform this trick? (Step 4)
03:10 | How to perform this trick? (Step 5)
03:32 | How to perform this trick? (Step 6)
03:48 | How to get lizards (Part 1)
04:24 | How to get lizards (Part 2)
05:50 | New Pet OBTAINED!
07:24 | Pyro Regisvine?
08:36 | Outro

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