Overwatch Patch Notes - Toxic players BANNED! & Huge Soldier 76 Damage Buff!

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Overwatch patch notes are here - Soldier 76 sees a huge damage buff. Controllable recoil is added to his weapon along with an increase in ammo. Damage per shot is reduced from 20 to 19 - but given the increased ammo and recloi control potential, his overall damage output is greatly increased. Time to lock the legs. Sombra, Widowmaker and Reinhardt all see quality of live changes. The Elevators on both Hollywood and Volskaya industries are now fixed.

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0:00 Intro
0:08 Soldier 76 added recoil - what does it mean?
02:22 Hollywood and Volskaya Industries Elevator changes explained
03:42 Sombra Translocator Changes Explained
04:37 Widowmaker Grapple Change
06:24 New Chat Filters - Friendly - Mature - Unfiltered
06:52 Toxic Players Manually BANNED by Blizzard
07:31 S3 Competitive Team Deathmatch
07:36 Reinhardt New Earthshatter Voice line
07:47 Thanks for watching!

Full Overwatch patch notes here -

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