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Good afternoon one and all, I hope the weekend is treating you well.

I have been back online for another slot based casino session, this time with the intention of adding a few new games into the mix. There are a few familiar ones here, but I have tried a couple of new games in addition to one I have only played once previously.

The start balance today is £379, with this video following directly on from my last play at Betfred earlier this week. As the bank / stake ratio is a tad low and I was hoping not to have to reload I have stuck with the 60p staking. This gives a ratio of 632:1, which should in theory be enough to land a reasonable number of bonuses.

Working on my usual basis of 100x cost for a bonus you would expect bonuses on average. Of course I am well aware that it does not work like this in practice, however it remains a useful target.

In the event, I have attained 7 bonuses, slightly beating the expectation. This as ever is only half the battle. They could all be dreadful, all be marvellous, or probably something inbetween. The 7 games today are:

Legacy of Ra
Temple of Treasure
Rick and Morty Wubba Lubba

I hope you enjoy this selection, I shall be back again soon.
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