OBSF Tales - Crack Burrito Season 1

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On the 1st of February 2020, the OBSF server looked on in concern and amusement as Matt tried to piece together what the hell happened last night.
(yes this is a discord conversation, yes this actually happened)

The Cast:
Phoenix - Matt/Fool - The amnesiac
Mia - Squish - Horrified onlooker
Franziska - Bear - Traumatized
Ema - Skittles - The pure soul
April - Kate - The mom friend
Apollo - Hyde - ????
Godot - Chaos - Comically serious
Jake - G - Casual observer
Polly - Nyoming - Bird brain

also check out One Big Smash-y Family on AO3 it's tangentially related to whats happening here and also a pretty fun read.

this is also my first obj which i completed back in september so any feedback would be more than welcome
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