NEW UPDATE Unemployment Extension $300/$400 week 8 29 PUA FPUC Cares Act & Unemployment Benefits

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Andrew Cartwright here with your unemployment update for Saturday, August 29th, 2020

Find out how the private airline business is boosting, if FEMA has enough money to cover unemployment and disaster relief, and which new state was approved for a weekly $300 unemployment boost.

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As we know the airline business has been hit pretty hard by that thing out there.

“The airline industry's collective SOS grew louder on Thursday as United Airlines signaled it would have to furlough as many as 2,850 pilots when federal aid designed to protect jobs expires in October.”

The airline industry is trying to remain optimistic that “Congress will negotiate an extension to the Payroll Support Program that kept tens of thousands in the airline industry employed.”

However, private jet companies have just scored a pile of federal aid meant for airlines and small businesses boosting the airline industry.

“The industry is made up of about 1,900 companies and employs about million people.

Yet out of the $2 trillion CARES act, it scooped up a disproportionate $666 million.”

While people have stopped traveling and even hotels are doing everything to attract people in, the private jet industry is handling the turbulence well.

“That's partly because private aviation was able to successfully market itself as a safer way to travel.”

Up next, there are rising concerns that hurricane Laura will cause FEMA to run out of money to those approved states who are receiving unemployment assistance.

“Trump signed an executive action to divert disaster relief funds to the unemployed on August 8, after Congress failed to extend the $600 federal boost it had approved in late March to aid those affected by the pandemic.”

FEMA's disaster fund paid out an estimated $50 billion in total relief for Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma, according to the Congressional Research Service.

Combined with that thing outside and the natural disaster response missions it will no doubt stretch the pockets of FEMA disaster relief fund.

According Barry Scanlon, who was a top FEMA official under Bill Clinton he states, “If FEMA runs low on funds, other types of relief could be scaled back.”

And finally, Oregon is finally approved for a weekly $300 dollar unemployment boost through FEMA.

Yesterday evening, Oregon Employment Department acting Director David Gerstenfeld said, “While we continue to hope for more robust, longer term support for those in need, we are excited to be able to provide additional financial relief at this time.”

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment benefits in your state, check to see if you are eligible and apply today!

If you are a gig-worker, self employed, independent contractor or 1099 worker, don’t miss out on your chance to secure these unemployment benefits that can help make the rest of 2020 a little easier

As state funding for these funds could be gone at any moment, PUA and FPUC could be gone.

Thank you so much for watching, please keep sharing your experiences with the PUA and unemployment benefits in your state

This is great news for the unemployment extension going out to more states.




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