NAVI vs G2, Gambit vs NAVI | BLAST Premier Spring Final Day 6

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00:00:00 Countdown
00:27:42 Analyst's Desk w/ PIMP, Freya and Maniac
00:50:22 B1ad3 interview w/ Banks
01:08:04 G2 vs NAVI - Mirage
02:15:23 G2 vs NAVI - Dust2
03:45:39 G2 vs NAVI - Nuke
05:30:54 Groove interview
05:55:21 Gambit vs NAVI - Dust2
07:20:24 Gambit vs NAVI - Mirage
08:20:29 Nafany interview
08:34:12 B1ad3 interview w/ Banks
04:43:00 BLAST Overtime feat. k0nfig

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