More asymptomatics and viral origins

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Convergent evolution not coevolution

ONS, 9th February release

Early signs of vaccination immunity

Percentage of people testing positive in the UK

Decreased but remains high

Week ending 30th January


One in 65 people tested positive

Equating to 846,900 people

of the population.

Week ending 23 January, 1,018,700 people () tested positive


One in 70 ()

Northern Ireland

One in 65 ()


One in 115 ()

Deaths, week ending 29th January

Deaths, (England and Wales) + 8,433

Second highest weekly figure of the pandemic (behind week ending 17 April 2020)

Percentage of all deaths, (all time high)

Total deaths (certificate) = 111,851

Nearly 75% of all COVID-19 deaths have occurred among people aged 75 years and over.

Symptoms, 1 October 2020 and 30 January 2021

Cough, fatigue and headache the most common symptoms in people testing positive

England, of people who tested positive, 47% reported having any symptoms

(Wales, 55% NI, 38% Scotland, 47%)

Analysis, cycle threshold (Ct), less than 30

UK data

Tracker app data


United Ststes

US dashboard

CDC data


Past 7 days

New daily reported cases, down

New daily reported deaths, down 15%%

CoViD related hospitalizations, down (79,179, 16,129, 5,216)

Test positivity rate,

Vaccine doses since 14th December, 44,076,000

Two doses, 10,185,000 ()

Hungary and Serbia

Global vaccine tracker

UK vaccine tracker

US vaccine tracker


Europe vaccine tracker

World Health Organization

Tuesday, news conference led by Chinese health officials

Coordinated by Chinese officials

Mission to Wuhan, inconclusive

Chinese-WHO team

Coronavirus, most likely jumped from bats to an intermediary species

Virus could have been spreading around the world before it erupted in Wuhan in December 2019

WHO team reiterated that it is possible the virus was carried by frozen food

Emphatically ruled out a lab mishap, after talking to Wuhan lab

China's Global Times

Finally put an American conspiracy theory to rest

WHO visit showcased China's positive, scientific, cooperative attitude

Zeng Guang, chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control

Other locations in the world, particularly labs, must be investigated next

historically the United States … launched biological and chemical warfare

A WHO is now expected to move on to Southeast Asia, to explain origins

Peter Daszak, WHO delegation member

EcoHealth Alliance, coordinated grant funding to the WIV

Richard Ebright, microbiologist (Rutgers University)

Apparent conflict of interest

moved quickly to make available all its databases of genetic sequences and strains

provided lab notes,

records and private interviews with research,

waste removal and janitorial staff

None of that happened or was even requested
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