Mordhau Polehammer Gameplay - Patch 19 Made It Better! (via Twitch)

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Today's Mordhau gameplay video features the Polehammer, fresh out of getting a few nice buffs from Mordhau Patch 19. For a rundown of the full patch notes, you can catch the link below.

Mordha Patch 19 patch notes:

Patch 19 Polehammer changes:
"• Polehammer range increased 10cm
• Polehammer damage buffed slightly across the board
• Polehammer strike windups now 25ms faster
• Polehammer miss recoveries reduced 100ms
• Polehammer now costs 24 points
• Polehammer now has very heavy weight when equipped in hands, slowing down more than any other equipment in the game (~ )"

I've always enjoyed the Polehammer, it felt like it hit as hard as it should and it had a very signature look. The patch increased the range (a sore spot I originally had for the Polehammer) and tweaked the weapon in a few other ways. It's a really enjoyable weapon, in my opinion.

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