Introduction to Using DNS Server on Windows Server 2012

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Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: March 20, 2013
Length of Class: 18:48
Windows Server 2012
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Introduction to Windows Server 2012
Installing Windows Server 2012
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Introduction to Active Directory Infrastructure in Windows Server 2012
Basic DHCP Setup on Windows Server 2012

Introduction to DNS (Domain Name Services)
Purpose of Class
This class gives an overview of the basic usage of DNS Server on a Windows 2012 Server.
Class Notes
Logs Show Events that may be important if your DNS Server is having issues
Clear Cache -- Clears the local DNS cache of the server and may need to be done if you make changes to DNS, but they do not seem to be working
Restart Service
Scavenge Stale Resource Records -- Can be used to clean up old/ bad records in DNS
You can create a Record Manually by selecting "New Host (A or AAAA)" after Right Clicking your Domain.
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