I Created a Rust Server for Solo warriors...

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I created my own solo server so I could battle my fans while streaming rust.

Play on my new solo server! Wipes Thursdays 8pm CET
Join my servers discord for info

[EU] Willjum's solo only server
Connect :28085
[NA] Willjum's solo only server
Connect :28016

After getting involved with some different duos like Blooprint, Brit and Ser Winter and finally having a bit of spare time in Uni, I decided to go back to my roots by playing some solo!
Hope you all enjoy! Make sure to subscribe to be posted when I upload.

Check out my second channel! will start posting Twitch Vods on there soon!

Ive started streaming! head over to twitch and come say hi!

You can find my amazing thumbnail artist @sinhunsan1 on twitter!

Our willjum poncho skin may soon be available in twitch drops! massive thanks to for the design!

If you want to chat to me or ask me questions, make sure to leave a comment or

join my discord:

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Business email (for non business stuff just message me on discord) willjumyt@

Massive thank you to my current Patrons, Thanks to your help i was able to afford my new PC! so thank you! if you want to support me further:

My Patrons :)

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For The music, I source most of mine from a fantastic youtube channel CapsCtrl
Make sure to check them out and send them love! I also source music from another great channel
I also source large amounts of the music from youtube channel Noria , another great channel for copyright free music

OUTRO SONG : Rain on me, Sarcastic sounds
Shiloh, This is for my Girl
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