How to Setup a Plex Server on the Nvidia Shield TV with External Storage

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Sign up for a Plex Pass: - The limited storage on the new Shield TV Pro requires the Plex Server to use external storage for both media and the Plex database. Here we detail the steps to install a Plex Server on the Shield TV and use an external hard drive to manage media and the database. We also detail how to copy files to and from the Shield over the network. See more Plex: and subscribe!

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0:00 - Intro
00:53 - Plex Server Compatibility on the Shield
02:21 - Setup
03:52 - Starting Server Manually
04:39 - Setting Up External Drive
05:38 - Copying media to the external drive / Nvidia_shield folder
07:28 - Pointing Library at External Drive
10:31 - Adjusting library settings later
11:53 - Moving Plex Database to external storage
14:38 - Copying media files to the shield over the network
15:46 - Windows Setting Change for network file transfers
16:22 - Copying Files via Windows
18:40 - Mac File Transfers
19:44 - Conclusion

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