How to Crack Milithech Datashard | Cyberpunk 2077 Guide Walkthrough

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The first Milithech Datashard you may find in Cyberpunk 2077 will come by the hands of Stout. As you receive it, you can access it by the Shards menu and try to crack it. Save the game, as you only have one chance to crack it.

First advice, don’t rush on pressing the codes. The breach time clock-down starts only after the first code is added. So you have time to plan.

First, input the Datamine: Copy Malware code, if you do the Neutralize Malware first, it will automatically fail the Datamine. There is a simple rule to input the codes. For every code you choose, the next code will need to be from the same row or column as the previous one. So if my first code is BD, I will need to be sure that the second code is at the BD code row or column. Same thing for the second to the third as so on…

As you crack the code, check your inventory, if you were successful, there will be 2 items: a Databank and a Hacked Militech Datashard.

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