First Look at LEAKED Windows 11 - impressions from an ex-Microsoft PM

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Now that Windows 11 has been leaked, let's look at all the latest functionality. We'll look at the out of the box experience (OOBE) where you can configure how you'll use your device and whether or not you want to use OneDrive. Then we'll explore the new taskbar, the start menu with pinned apps and recommendations. We also look at changes to file explorer, widgets, and window snapping. All-in-all, Windows 11 offers a more modern and simple experience, while maintaining the power of Windows 10. The big question will be whether Microsoft has innovated enough to make the OS relevant again now that more and more users spend time in their browsers.

⌚ Timestamps
0:00 Introduction
1:12 Out of box set up experience (OOBE)
3:14 Desktop
4:12 Taskbar
5:37 Start menu
6:44 Recommended
7:36 Live tiles
8:08 Search
8:29 Task view
8:56 Widgets
9:23 File explorer
9:43 Window snapping
10:24 Thoughts
10:50 Wrap up & will it be free?

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