Every WoW Level Squish Question Answered - Shadowlands Pre-patch

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How will old raids work, Heirloom Changes, Chromie Time and more. I run through everything you'd need to know about the WoW Shadowlands level squish coming in prepatch

00:00 Intro
00:21 What is the level squish?
01:18 Rework to the leveling experience
02:22 Chromie Timewalking Adventure explained
03:25 What Chromie time actually means for the game
04:41 How fast will leveling be?
05:35 Heirloom changes
06:30 Experience items removed
07:20 Chars you were leveling before prepatch
07:49 How difficult old raids will be now
08:37 What level the raids will be
09:24 Riding and Flying changes + Pathfinder
10:58 Pet battles
11:07 New transmog level requirements
11:38 Is party sync removed
12:25 Crafting gear on low levels
13:36 DH/DK and Allied Race start levels
15:00 Is gold squished too
15:34 Sorry F2P players we dont know yet

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