EGG NS emulator Snapdragon 865 vs 855 vs 845 Gaming comparison! Nintendo Switch on Android phones

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✅My suggestions which emulation smartphones to buy:
➡️ASUS Rog 3 Banggood:
➡️ASUS Rog 3 Gearbest-
➡️ASUS Rog 3 Classic Trading-
➡️ASUS Rog 3 Elite Trading-
➡️ASUS Rog 3 Classic CECT Shop-

✅Banggood All Smartphones with 865:

➡️Nubia Red Magic 5G CECT Shop-
➡️Nubia Red Magic 5S CECT Shop-
➡️Nubia Red Magic 5S Trading-

➡️Black Shark 3 Pro CECT Shop-
➡️Black Shark 3S CECT Shop-
➡️Black Shark 3S Trading Shenzhen-

➡️Xiaomi Mi10 Ultra CECT Shop:
➡️Xiaomi Mi10 Ultra Trading Shenzhen-

➡️Redmi K30 Pro CECT Shop-
➡️Redmi K30 Pro Banggood-
➡️Redmi K30 Pro Zoom CECT Shop-
➡️Redmi K30 Pro Trading Shenzhen-

➡️Buy Poco F2 Pro Global Banggood-
➡️Buy Poco F2 Pro Global Gearbest-

➡️Vivo Iqoo 3 Neo CECT Shop:
➡️Vivo Iqoo 5 CECT Shop:
➡️Vivo Iqoo Pro:
➡️Realme X50 Pro Player Edition:
➡️Realme X50 Pro:

➡️Buy OnePlus 8 CECT Shop-
➡️Buy OnePlus 8 Pro CECT Shop-

➡️Xiaomi Mi10 CECT Shop-
➡️Xiaomi Mi10 Pro CECT Shop-

➡️Buy Huawei Nova 6 4G CECT Shop-

➡️Video credits belong to China player nickname ImCey

Snapdragon 865 Smartphone from the gameplays:
➡️Vivo Iqoo 3 CECT Shop:
➡️Vivo Iqoo 3 Trading Shenzhen Shop:
Disclaimer! Recommended is 8GB RAM versions at least, but maybe you will be able to RUN also with 6GB RAM flagship phones. Be aware!

✅Budget Gamepads I recommend:
➡️IPEGA 9099 -
➡️Gulikit NS09 Pro -
➡️Gulikit NS08 -
➡️Flydigi Wee2T-

➡️Disclaimer! I am not sharing any ROMS/Download links etc! Do NOT ask! I encourage u to backup your own files from original console! Thank you. Disclaimer for Nintendo! This video is for educational purposes and its meant for commentary use on fair play policy of youtube!

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I will be personally testing this emulator only when they make it available for everyone! Either if they drop the price of their overpriced gamepad or if they add support for other gamepads. So far only people with gamesir gamepad X2 can play games with this emulator.
All Video credits belong to people/channels who are marked in my video.

Big shout to my viewer who taught me about Switch emulation: Guilherme Oliveira

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