Demon's Souls Remake PVP : Flamberge Claymore’s Serrated Brother.

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The Latest Demons Souls Remake PVP Build Flamberge.
Demon's Souls Remake PVP : Flamberge Claymore’s Serrated Brother.
Happy new year to everyone and hope this year goes well for everyone. I took sometime off for the holidays but now I am back with the Flamberge showcase. This was done on a SL 50 character the build and equipment is available at the end of the video 16 is like a claymore but it has the stats of curved sword and it does bleed damage so you can with a sharp upgrade and get an S scaling if you are aiming for high level pvp, but since I was doing lv50 I stuck with moon upgrade to invest into higher vitality some faith to get anti magic field and intelligence to get warding since a lot of players are magic users now this will help you avoid being 1 shot by firestorm or other spells. Overall flamberge is an OK weapon that is very similar to claymore nothing to special about it besides it looks cool and unique upgrade paths but I wouldn’t recommend this weapon for high level pvp as there are way better weapons that can output higher damage with less investment of stats.
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