Curb Alert Score! Vintage Cabbage Patch, Books, Toys, & MORE (Part 1)

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Oh. My. Gosh!!! I have never scored so much on a Curb Alert!! Alex and I were driving around looking for garage sale leftovers and stumbled upon a house with tons of trash bags and boxes out front on the curb. We stopped, peeked in a couple bags, and discovered more treasure than we could imagine!!

After filling the car, we ran home to get the truck (which works now yay!!!) and proceeded to also fill that up. I couldn't believe there was so much!! This is my "Part 1" since there was too much to open in one video. Part 2 will be coming later this week, so stay tuned for more!! :D

My favorite items are the Cabbage Patch Kids (obviously!), the vintage dolls, and all of the kid's toys and books. I'm so excited to find out what is in the other bags!! As always, thank you so much for watching and I hope you have an awesome day :)

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