Coronavirus death toll supasses 300,000 +++ Bolivian protesters defy lockdown orders | Corona update

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The latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic:
- The Johns Hopkins university says the global death toll has topped 300,000. There are more than million confirmed cases worldwide.
- South Sudan has registered its first death from the coronavirus.
- Slovenia has called an official end to its pandemic - becoming the first European country to do so.
- After a two-month shutdown, restaurants, cafes and bars are reopening in Australia's most populous state, New South Wales.
- People in central Bolivia in South America have defied shutdown orders to protest against coronavirus restrictions. The country's been under lockdown since mid-March and many residents want it relaxed. They're calling on authorities to provide more water and food. There have been over 3,000 COVID-19 cases reported in Bolivia, and around 140 deaths.


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