Chains of Domination has a Release Date! - Shadowlands' Major Patch Finally Comes, 8 Months Later!

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It's here! The release date of Chains of Domination, Shadowland's first major patch, is going to release on June the 29th!
After a tremendous wait of almost 8 months, the latest ever first content patch for a WoW Expansion will be released, so: What is going to come?
What is new? Last minute additions?
Let's dive in this recap.

0:00 J E A N
1:43 The Stuff: Flying & Skips
4:23 Tazavesh, Season 1 End & Season 2 Start
6:40 Sanctum of Domination Raid & Release
8:18 Shards of Domination Borrowed Power
10:49 PvP Adaptable iLvL & New Conduits
12:17 New Covenant Legendaries
13:37 Torghast & Soul Cinders
15:42 Release VS Release

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