Building a Dual-CPU Behemoth from Used Server Parts, ft. CaseLabs & Old Xeons

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We bought a bunch of used or cheap parts (then asked for a few more) to build a dual-Xeon CPU transcoding machine with 48 threads from just $600.
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This dual-Xeon build has been more of a passion project for us than anything. It's the equivalent of a "project car," and uses an eclectic mix of parts from dead companies (CaseLabs SMA-8) and from failed launches (EVGA SR-X), with the rest of the parts filled-in from decommissioned servers. We're using dual Xeon X5-2697v2 processors (12C/24T c. 2013), 64GB of ECC DDR3 1866MHz memory, an EVGA SR-X, CaseLabs case, and some filler parts. This video is one part history piece, one part build log, and one part benchmarks. We need to do something cool with this enclosure, too.

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Host, Editorial: Steve Burke
Editorial, Testing: Patrick Lathan
Video: Andrew Coleman

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