Brutal Fate - Upcoming Retro FPS Reveal and Gameplay Teaser

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Brutal Fate is coming to Steam Early Access this January. Wishlist it now.

Follow the official twitter account for news and development progress.

Brutal Fate is a fast-paced ultra-violent retro first-person shooter from the same creator of the multiple award-winning mod Brutal Doom, inspired by 80's and 90's sci-fi movies such as Aliens, Starship Troopers, Event Horizon, and Blade Runner. It blends the best features of classic shooters with some modern aspects, making it an unique mix.

The game takes place in the year 2251. You take the role of a Staff Sergeant serving as a platoon leader of the and A colony within Jupiter's moon Callisto has gone silent. Your battalion is called in to investigate, and after a four-month journey, you arrive to witness a most disturbing visage. Both the government personnel and the one million civilians that lived on this colony were merciless slaughtered and their bodies defiled in unspeakable macabre rituals. Now, an unfathomable evil lurks these dead streets, and now it's hungry eyes gazes upon battleship is suddenly destroyed, with over half of the attack force still inside it. The surviving marines are now helpless stuck on this dead planet with no kind of support or way out. A legion of inter-dimensional creatures arises from the darkness and surrounds you. Now you only have one objective: Survive.
Will you fight alongside your brothers and sisters in arms and try to find a way to escape this nightmare? Or throw your own humanity away and dive into the abyss for a chance of your own survival?

Do you want to know more?
This game features a huge arsenal of weapons that may require to use all your keyboard numbers to scroll through it. We got battle rifles, shotguns, grenade launchers, smart missiles, laser rifles, nukes, knives, sharp sticks, you name it.

Fight an entire circus of monstrosities, carnivorous demons, zombie-like cultists, shuffling supernatural incomprehensible abominations from beyond, and corporate henchmen that wants to make sure you won't leave this haunted colony alive after seeing everything you just did. Just like in classic fps style, each enemy type acts like a piece of chess made to compensate the weakness of another. Gib them into delicious meat pieces, burn them to ashes, almost every enemy features locational damage and dozens of death animations, including different deaths for different weapons used.

Explore huge non-linear levels, look for secrets to find special rare alternative ammo types for your weapons, health and armor upgrades, and much more. No "procedural generated levels", no faux-retro arena level design, just handcrafted levels by somebody with over 10 years in experience of classic game level design. Feel like you are exploring a believable location, fight enemies in many different scenarios, scripted or not, pick them alone or in small groups, and sometimes try to come up with a strategy to fight up to 50 enemies at once.

Command your fellow marines out of this hell. Your character's rank as a Staff Sergeant isn't only for show. Find any survivors of this disastrous operation and they will follow you. And they have an acceptable AI that will actually follow your commands, won't block your movement, and will actually kill enemies for you. Magnificent, isn't?

Mod it until it breaks. Running on the highly reliable GZDoom engine, this game is extremely easy to be modified. You can make mods adding custom weapons, enemies, levels, and entire new user-made campaigns.

Early Access begins in January with a good part of the campaign, and extra modes such as Horde Mode.
On full release (probably late 2021, early 2022), it will also be released on other stores (GOG, Epic) and platforms (Linux, Mac)
And then there will also be a free 2 level demo for you people to test the game before purchasing it.
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