Blackstone, Basalt Delta Biome, & New Nether Music! ▫ Minecraft 1.16 Snapshot 20w15a

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Minecraft Snapshot time! Today we take a look at Snapshot 20w15a for the Nether update - after briefly covering Striders and Zoglins, which were added in previous snapshots.

20w15a has added a new biome, the Basalt Delta, where huge amounts of Basalt and Blackstone can be found! Blackstone can be crafted into polished blocks and bricks, with stairs, slabs, and walls, and also has chiseled and cracked variants!

The Nether also has new music composed by Lena Raine - three new tracks will play when players visit the Nether Wastes, Crimson Forests, and Soul Sand Valleys or Basalt Deltas.

There's plenty more to these updates, and you can find the full changelog here:


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