BEST HIGH ELO Champions TIER List - Patch 2.3A - Wild Rift (LoL Mobile)

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Today we got an Update to our High Elo Tier List for you!
This Tier List has been created together with our Challenger Analysts!

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0:00 Intro
0:20 QOTD
0:44 Baron Lane
0:45 Fiora
1:44 Malphite
2:30 Dr. Mundo
3:32 Baron Lane Tier list
3:35 Jungle
3:36 Fizz
4:05 Evelynn
4:56 Olaf
5:40 Jungle Tier list
5:45 Mid lane
5:46 Twisted Fate
6:36 Katarina
7:22 Galio
8:13 Mid lane Tier list
8:17 ADC
8:18 Kai'Sa
8:46 Ezreal
9:17 Ashe
10:03 ADC Tier list
10:06 Support
10:07 Janna
10:36 Leona
11:09 Lulu
11:37 Support Tier list
11:42 Outro

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