Aromatherapy Newbie - Essential Oil Questions for Beginners

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Everything you need to know about essential oils in less than 5 minutes
- ok more like 15 minutes but I made it as short as possible to cover the basics.

What is an essential oil?
And essential oil is a liquid substance that is extracted from a plant material that is aromatic.

It is most often steam distilled with a steam distillation process, cold-pressed, and in the last few years very common are carbon dioxide extract.
Sometimes a chemical extraction is still used in heavier oils. But CO2 is so superior a process big supply houses are converting to CO2. (this will be covered in another video)

Can I put essential oils on my skin on diluted?
Where should I keep my essential oils?
Can I use essential oils on my kids?
Can I use essential oils for my pets -dog cat bird?

What questions do you need answered? ---- There is so much misinformation and conflicting information on various sites. I will research the basics and most recent research news and update you.

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