After Later Audio Popple // Stereo Eurorack Filter - demo & LOTS of patch tips

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Here’s the new stereo Eurorack filter ‘Popple’ from Seattle based After Later Audio. It’s a stereo filter design based on the Mutable Instruments Ripples v1 circuit. You have stereo inputs and then stereo outputs for band pass, 2 pole low pass and 4 pole low pass. Stereo cut off, and resonant controls as well as CV inputs are present plus the addition of attenuverters to fit the cut off frequencies on the left and right sides and there’s addition left and right FM inputs to modulate the two sides of the stereo filter independently. As always I’ve tried to cram plenty of patch tips into the video so I hope you gain some ideas and patch tips for your own systems.

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00:00 Hello & patch previews

01:13 Popple feature run down

02:12 Raw filter sweeps demo

03:36 Dual mono filtering

05:11 Filtering stereo beats with ducking, auto wah and audio rate modulations

07:22 Vocal & formant like tones with audio rate modulation

08:51 FM synthesis with dual oscillating sines

10:20 Percussion synthesis (kicks and FM overtones)

11:56 Quick tips for mono to stereo patching

12:56 Dual LFO oscillations & sub audio wobbles

14:10 Filter pings

15:14 Stereo feedback turning sine waves into saw waves

17:03 Dual slew limiter and resonant LFOs

*** THIS VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY AFTER LATER AUDIO *** they have funded the creation of this demonstration video. Any questions just ask.

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