A History of our Minecraft Server

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Starbucks Island, the Bedrock Cube, the Fallout Vault: We're taking a behind the scenes look at the first builds we did on this channel.
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~~~~~~~~Extra Things~~~~~~~~

Everything you see in my videos is edited livestream highlights taken from my Twitch channel. My schedule is Tuesday & Thursday @ 7pm, Saturday & Sunday @ 3pm - all times based in Ireland.

To play on my Minecraft server, head to my Twitch channel and type !server for the login information. You must be subscribed on Twitch to join. The server is open 24/7 and has a survival world, as well as a museum of every past build we've done on the channel.

Special thanks to Nitrous Networks for hosting our Minecraft server. See their site for quality server hosting across a variety of games:

Music is Pokemon Diamond & Pearl - Eterna City.
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