$500 MILLION UNEMPLOYMENT $400 + $300 Retroactive Benefits Unemployment Update PUA SSI SSDI FPUC

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$500 MILLION UNEMPLOYMENT $400 + $300 Retroactive Benefits Unemployment Update PUA SSI SSDI FPUC STIMULUS Check Update Stimulus Update

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American Airlines recently announced that they will be forced to furlough over 1,000 employees without further unemployment stimulus.

The airline industry has been hit extremely hard by that thing out there, and the only thing keeping airlines from massive layoffs and furloughs is the stimulus assistance they’ve received from the government.

American Airlines CEO Doug Parker and President Robert Isom explained in a letter: "Obviously, issuing these required WARN notices isn’t a step we want to take.

They continued: Tens of thousands of our colleagues have faced extreme uncertainty about their job security over the past 12 months, and that’s on top of the emotional stress all of our team has faced during an incredibly difficult year.”

I hope that Congress and the White House can pump some more much needed stimulus funds into the airline industry, to keep thousands of Americans employed as they help us navigate the skies.

Meanwhile, Governor Jay Inslee, from the great state of Washington, signed his first piece of legislation of 2021, increasing the minimum weekly unemployment benefit for workers and preventing some tax increases for businesses.

This new bill increases the amount for the lowest-wage workers from 15% to 20%, gives businesses relief from some unemployment taxes last year and prevents an automatic unemployment tax increase of $ billion from 2021 to 2025.

Inslee stated: “I’m very happy we’ve done this early in the session because this relief is certainly needed.”

Bill sponsor Sen. Karen Keiser explained: “This is not only going to address a really immediate crisis for so many of our businesses, but it also builds a healthy, solid bridge to the future.”

This is great news for all of my viewers in the Evergreen State, and I hope that other governors across America can pass similar legislation to help out millions of people in need of unemployment assistance.

Finally, Senator Ron Wyden, from the great state of Oregon, recently announced a $500 million initiative to help repair or replace struggling unemployment systems across America.

He explained in a statement today: “While enhanced jobless benefits have enabled millions and millions of families to pay the rent and buy groceries, many states have been unable to get benefits out the door in a timely manner.”

He continued: “I have heard story after story from Oregonians who have spent months trying to get their jobless benefits. That’s completely unacceptable when families are depending on these benefits to keep a roof over their heads.”

With bill sponsors sending in their support from Ohio, Nevada and Virginia, this new bill could help millions of Amercians to easily access their much needed unemployment benefits, rather than deal with decades old systems.

If you still haven’t applied for unemployment assistance, get over the hump and apply today.

Just check out your state’s PUA or UI website, your employment history and identifying documents, and let them know that you’ve been out of work due to that thing out there if that’s the case.

For honestly and truthfully answering all of their questions, you could receive a backdated unemployment check for up to $20,000.

For all of the gig-workers, self employed, independent contractors, 1099 workers, even side hustlers, volunteers and freelancers, the PUA is here to help you get these incredible government unemployment funds.


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